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 Providing financial flexibility and profitability for insurance brokers

BrokerFlex is here to help your brokerage increase profits while serving your customers better

BrokerFlex has all the expertise you will need to get started with your own in-house premium finance operation.  We suggest you follow these steps to get started.  More profits are just around the corner.  Don't delay start today!

Three easy steps to Setup Your In-House Premium Finance

  1. Getting Started
    Fill-in our online application form so your brokerage is registered with BrokerFlex.
  2. BrokerFlex Payment Plans Implemented
    Once your application is received and processed by BrokerFlex you will be contacted to discuss and implement the terms and conditions you want to offer your clients.
  3. Shortcuts Added to Your Producers Desktops
    Now that your payment plans are in-place your producers will receive desktop shortcuts and credentials to start looking after their clients financing needs.
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